Thursday, August 02, 2007

Visit the sun

39th Street and 3rd Avenue (midtown east/Murray Hill)

I tried this spot today for lunch after checking out - you order the sandwiches by number and I chose the country pate on a baguette with roasted peppers and mustard. Pretty decent. They deliver but I decided to go and see for myself. It's a tiny space packed with the usual chips, candy and snacks. There are two coolers full of cheeses and sausage, as well as handmade truffles, baklava, rugalach, dried fruit...

The sandwiches are very well priced, from $5.50-6.75. One good lunch deal is the three-salad + soup combo - any three salads from the deli case (includes grilled chicken and chicken cutlets, hummus, babaganouhj, couscous, tuna salad, pasta salad....) and a small soup for about $6.25 - a great deal.

As I was waiting for my order to be made, an older lady came in who seemed to be a regular. She turned to me and said, "I just love this place. Everything is so good and fresh - I could go back there with a fork and just eat everything." Straight from the horse's mouth. (She did look like one too)

I'll be going back another day. Funny I've worked here for over a year and have never heard of this place.

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