Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Lexington btw. 31st & 30th (Kip's Bay/Murray Hill)

Heard about this place a few months ago from my friend Ricky but never made it in til now. He recommended the cold duck ramen, which I ordered tonight. Normally when I'm in the mood for ramen, it's cool and/or rainy outside. I want something hot, comforting, filling. What I had tonight was pretty refreshing - not heavy at all, and while you might think the duck would make it super fatty, it didn't. Noodles were nice and firm, and the fresh veggies on top were a nice surprise. The duck itself wasn't cold; I think they put it in warm and let it cool in the soup. At $13 for the bowl it's a bit pricey. Which is why I love working late and expense accounts.

Repeat? Yes.

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