Thursday, August 09, 2007

International Pig Out Day

No pictures. Yesterday:

Menchanko-Tei on E. 45th for half orders of the shoyu ramen. Still can't hold a candle to Chikubu but it was not bad. Pork was decent. Had unfiltered sake to go along.

Dale and Thomas at 48th and B'way for some kettle corn (we were on our way to watch The Simpsons Movie). They have a lot of flavors but the kettle corn is still tops on my list. I don't bother trying anything else.

Sombrero off of 8th Avenue for margaritas. Dude at D&T sent us on a wild goose chase for $3 margaritas at Blockheads but it was nowhere to be found. We spotted Sombrero and sat down to a great 2-for-1 deal on margaritas - peach, raspberry, strawberry, banana, mango, guava, chambord... I had guava and strawberry, both frozen with salt. We were given a basket of tortilla chips and delicious, fresh salsa. A quick peak at the menu guaranteed a return visit...not to mention the yummy margaritas!

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