Sunday, August 05, 2007

Egg-cellent idea

Egg - N. 5th and Bedford (Williamsburg)

Alexis: A favorite brunch spot. They've recently (in the past 3-4 months anyway) started giving free fried cinnamon donuts at the beginning of each meal. Perfect doughy sweetness. I had the Amy's brioche french toast, which was thick and light and custardy in the middle. A side of scrapple which I gobbled down. I'm growing to like the stuff more and more - it's like a liver patty but lighter and crispy. Alex had the Eggs Rothko w/ caramelized bacon, which seemed to stick to everything.

Alex: Man that was a tough call. I usually get the Buiscits and Gravy, but went on a limb and ordered the Eggs Rothko. Although it was good, it doesn't hold a match to the B&G! B&G fo liiiiiife! And the bacon, ohh the bacon! Sticky, sweet, bacony goodness.

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