Saturday, August 04, 2007


The Dove Parlour
Thompson between W. 3rd and Bleecker (W. Village)

Alexis: Quickly becoming a favorite spot. We stopped in for happy hour last night and sat at the bar. I had a small carafe of the Vermentino, which had a deep gold color and tasted heavy on the fruit. It was an Italian wine though, so it wasn't too sweet. Alex started with their Cinnamon Daiquiri, which sounded quite disgusting on the menu but turned out to be quite good! Tequila, Triple Sec and cinnamon powder shaken with ice, then poured into a glass.

We ordered the cheese tier with brie, boschetto al tartufo stagionato, neval and cashel blue cheeses. It came with raisin nut bread and toasted baguettes, as well as fruit spread, dried apricots and figs, almonds tossed with olive oil and thyme, mixed olives, fuji apples... It was a feast. The Boschetto topped my list - hard and slightly nutty with black truffles, made from sheep's milk. It had a distinct taste to it. Next was the blue cheese, which was milder and not as sharp as traditional blue cheese. The brie was your normal brie and the neval would've been good save for the rind, which gave it a weird plasticky taste.

It's becoming a Friday night destination for us. Afterwards we walked down to the Room on Sullivan for more drinks. Had a riesling (very unlike me) that wasn't too sweet and Alex had the Coney Island Lager, which I thought was okay. A bit fruity but okay.

Alex: I still like this place. It is generally pretty empty when we show up but by the time we leave its a little raucous. The happy hour drinks are a bit on the ghey side, but the wine is so fine. The Cheese Tier was new to us this time, and I think it is a spectacular bargain. My favorite cheese was also the Boschetto. I don't usually like hard cheeses but this one was nice. My least favorite item on the tier were the figs, and the bread was toasted (I would have preferred softer bread). But like I said, whata baaaargain.

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