Wednesday, July 11, 2007


Alexis: Last Saturday I made a picnic to take with us to Central Park for Summerstage. I wanted something simple so I started with a fruit salad - strawberries, peaches, and gold kiwis from New Zealand. I didn't do anything special, just cut up the fruit and layered them in a container.

It's hard to find ripe peaches but Whole Foods didn't disappoint. I didn't realize the kiwis were gold kiwis until I cut them open and noticed the color. They are sweeter and softer than regular green kiwis and taste faintly of a different fruit - almost pear-like? I like them better than the conventional kiwis.

Alexis: Next I made baked spiced chicken - I found boneless, skinless thighs and made a rub of dijon mustard, sweet paprika and brown sugar. I mixed it all up, seasoned the thighs with salt and pepper, then slathered them with the rub and let it sit overnight. On the day of, I baked them in the morning at 400 degrees for about 30-40 minutes. Best eaten cold or at room temp with some rose (we had a Cotes du Rhone) - yummy.

Any more picnic ideas - sling them our way!

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