Tuesday, July 03, 2007

I'll stop the world

The Dove - Thompson between W. 3rd and Bleecker (W. Village)

Alexis: I've been wanting to check this bar out for a while. We stopped in after work last Friday during happy hour and had a few cocktails and snacks. I started with the May Garden, pictured above, which is gin with cucumber puree, dill and salt. It was interesting - kind of fresh and oceany tasting. I'm not a big fan of gin but you couldn't really taste it. I moved on to prosecco afterwards and ordered baked dates with gorgonzola and balsamic reduction and almonds skinned and tossed with olive oil, thyme and sea salt. Both really good.

The menu had other interesting things as well - a cheese selection (pick 4 from a choice of about 12) + bread, fruit, nuts; tea sandwiches/toasts. Examples:
Tea sandwiches:
Almond butter and apricot puree on wheat bread
Goat cheese, lavender honey and rosemary on wheat bread

Toasts (like bruschetta):
Gaeta tapenade with tangerine, lemon and aged balsamic
Roasted Chioggia heirloom beets with creme fraiche and shaved black truffles

The bartenders were nice and the crowd was pretty chill. And the best part - no hipsters. It's a good way to start off the night. Head to Extra Virgin or Mary's Fish Camp (or 'ino, or the Little Owl, or Ditch Plains, or the Tasting Room.......) afterwards for dinner. We were a little drunk so we went home.

Alex: This place was cool. I had a smorgasboard of alcohol... cognac, gin, red and white wine, and beer. Needless to say I felt like crap the next day. Why did I mix so many different drinks? The dates were nasty.

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