Sunday, July 01, 2007


Alex made dinner Thursday night - skirt steak marinated in Peter Luger sauce, corn on the cob w/ a melange of spices and pinto beans w/ bacon. All in all not bad though a little less spice might've been easier on the palate. Cinnamon, chili pepper, Italian herbs, butter and salt on the corn!

Alex: The spices were awesome.. Cajun Styleeeeee!!!!
Alexis: I tried making this spaghetti with strawberry and tomato sauce last night - the recipe is from Sfoglia. It's fairly simple to make but it was missing something. This one needed more spice. Or cheese. I'll have to eat there now to figure it out.

Alex: I realy enjoyed this one. At first I wasn't too sure about Strawberries in the spaghetti, but it went quite well together. The Berries complimented the Tomato and added a little sweetness. At first it was a little bland, but when you "throw some, throw some cheese on that b*tch"... perfecto! Btw, I wanna get a Cadillac, a lowrider... 77 Seville or a El-Dog. Either way, I'm talmbout a black man heaven heah!

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