Saturday, July 14, 2007

Bourgie BBQ

Hill Country
30 W. 26th St (Flatiron Dist.)

Alexis: Made reservations at Hill Country for Alex's birthday. It was packed, with an hour long wait. We were given meal tickets, which acted as our menus as well as our checks. We wanted moist brisket but they were out so we settle for the lean. Plus boneless prime rib, Kreuz sausages (regular and jalapeno cheddar), and pork ribs. Everything by weight and then served in a double layer of craft/butcher paper. For sides, we got green bean casserole and sweet potato bourbon mash, as well as cornbread. The green beans were decent but I know a certain West Virginian who makes it way better. Sweet potatoes were alright but I wasn't really digging the bourbon. Cornbread was pretty good tho - I didn't try any of the ancho chili butter that came with it.

The meat was really good - standouts were the prime rib and sausages. Their BBQ sauce was pretty tasty also - just the right amount of tangy and sweet/spicy. We sat downstairs at a long table in front of the stage and it kinda felt like being at Chuck E. Cheese as we waited for the animatronics to start up.

Complaints - their set up is designed to make you spend millions o' dollars. And the sweet tea is weak as hell. It's pretty much watered down Lipton - Daisy May's still tops my list for taste and value.

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