Saturday, July 28, 2007

The other other red meat

Alexis: I've never had bison/buffalo meat before but Alex has been raving about it so I decided to give it a try. Picked some up at Whole Foods and cooked it today - added Worcestershire sauce, Tabasco, dried Italian seasoning and rosemary to the meat. Then sauteed some sweet onions and added them, as well as some crumbled Danish blue cheese. Toasted some little ciabatta rolls and served the burgers on them. Result - lean, juicy burgers. Super tasty - maybe needed a little salt, which I thought the blue cheese would take care of. Bison meat is a definite repeat for burger night.

Alex: I think Alexis' review is an understatement... move over Dumont, this was by far, hands down the absolute best Burger I've ever had. Sayin', Bison Burgers are wasup! No fat, but still juicy, and the seasoning and cheese was perfect. The Ciabatta bread is the absolute awesomest burger bread... sturdy, still soft, but doesn't get mushy from the Burger's juices.

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