Saturday, June 09, 2007

Big Apple BBQ

Brisket & baked beans from Baker's Ribs (Dallas, TX)

Pulled pork and coleslaw from Black Jack BBQ (Charlston, SC)

Baby back ribs & beans from 17th Street Bar & Grill ( Murphysboro, IL)

Brisket & sausage w/ onions, toast, pickles, cheese from Southside Market & BBQ (Elgin, TX)

5th annual Big Apple BBQ today and tomorrow - we met up with some people today and shared four plates of smoked goodness. The verdict:

Best meat: Southside's sausage
Best side: 17th Street's beans
Best plate overall: 17th Street's ribs, beans and toast

It was a good day. We didn't get to try the fried pies tho - we were all a little scared.

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