Monday, June 18, 2007

All day I dream about eating

Pies n Thighs
S. 5th St at Kent (Williamsburg)

Alexis: We started Sunday off right - with brunch at one of my favorite spots, Pies n Thighs. Neither of us has been back here since last October, when we had brunch with Caroline and Chris. Egg was another option but this was something different.

Alexis: This was Alex's breakfast - I forgot what it was called. They said it was awesome. We begged to differ.

Alex: Yeah, this was not so tight. Crumbled Corn Tortillas, Chicken, Scrambled Eggs, Sour Cream, and Salsa swimming in some unknown sauce. It was pretty much Huevos Rancheros but too wet and it was a little on the cold side when I got it :( I should have went with the Chicken Biscuit. Alexis: My banana short stack. Cooked on the griddle - crispy edges, hot & mushy bananas. The pancakes were just right too - not too heavy. We also had some homefries. Hands down best homefries I've had - made from red potatoes and cooked with rosemary. Slightly spicy and crispy on the outside.

Alex: Indeed tasty. Alexis: Took the JMZ into Manhattan and walked up through Soho. Stopped at Ciao Bella (Mott Street at Houston).

Alex: I wasn't too sure about my choice of flavor combo... Raspberry Cabernet Sorbet and Malted Milk Ball Gelatto. Turns out i thought it went really well together, but Alexis begged to differ. Alexis: I had grapefruit campari sorbetto and fresh mint gelato - YUM! We sat outside to eat.

Alexis: For dinner, met Andrea and Eddie at 'inoteca (98 Rivington at Ludlow). There was a wait so we went next door to Babeland, where we played with dildos and butt plugs. Awesome. Started dinner off with the antipasti platter, which had olives, some cheese, meat, pickled onions, a fritatta of some sort, braised fennel and some pepper/onion remoulade-ish stuff. Not as good as 'ino's, unfortunately.

Alex: You know me, I went for the lame-o safe option since I couldn't understand a damn word on the menu. I got a Panini with some sort of meat (the name escapes me now), Spicy Peppers, and some cheese (which also escapes me now). It was good, but it was a Panini for cryin out loud. How hard can that be? Alexis: One of the specials was a buffalo mozzarella salad with arugula and roasted tomatoes, simply topped with sea salt and extra virgin olive oil. (That's EVOO to all you douchey R. Ray fans) Super good - one of my favorites. Alexis: My other favorite, the polpette. Giant meatballs in a tomato sauce. Always order this when you go there.

Alex: This was hands down my favorite part of the meal. I mean, balls of meat! Alexis: Bruschetta. Clockwise from left - ricotta, pesto and olive tapenade. Didn't get to try the pesto but the other two were quite good. And big! Good for sharing.

Alex: DOn't let the Bruschetta sit too long, the bread got soggy.

The verdict: while the tramezzini and panini are good, you can get that any time at 'ino. Go for the small plates. We didn't have the grilled calamari or the polpi (octopus) - both of which are good. And the polenta is usually good also, it changes seasonally.

And for dessert? Don't skip out on the affogato. Like most things I love about Italian cooking, it's super simple and delicious.

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