Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Roughin it

Alexis: We spent Memorial Day in upstate NY at a campsite in Watkins Glen, near Seneca Lake. I'd been there before in college, a week long retreat where we rented out the top floor of a house and relaxed away from cell phones and computers. This time, we were at a camp site and had to grill outdoors. Grilled hot dogs are the best - the skin gets crisp, the inside stays hot and juicy. Slap it in a toasted bun with some ketchup and a giant pickle slice and you are good to go. And some grilled corn on the side - can't beat that for an outdoor meal.

Alex: What else can you do when you are camping besides eat and get wasted? Well.. plenty of both happend. I enjoyed chowin' down on wood fire grilled Hamburgers and Hot Dogs. The wood leaves a nice hint of smokey goodness in the meat. Yum!


david said...

burger was intense (caramelized onions ftw), and you clearly can't screw up a grilled hot dog. best meal of the campout, with extra points for the yuengling.

lazysundae said...

i almost want to get a mini grill so i can replicate at home. grill it til it bursts!