Friday, May 25, 2007

The real empanaDAMN jumpoff

Mama's Empanadas
9th Ave and 51st St (Hell's Kitchen)

Alexis: Alex wanted empanadas so we trekked out to Hell's Kitchen to this tiny spot. I ordered chorizo in corn flour crust (my fave) and the Brasilian - in a wheat flour crust with ground beef, green pepper, Spanish olives and potatoes. So good, with the fat and juices running down my hand. We also ordered an endive salad with red cabbage and radishes. The dressing had some herb mixture that tasted faintly of zatar. Or some sort of light Indian spice mixture - interesting and good. And with giant $18 pitchers of sangria, you can't go wrong - it took us 2 hours to finish! Please deliver wherever I am.

Alex: Ever since I stayed with Les in Queens I've been in love with Empanadas. Apparently the spot in Hell's Kitchen is a bourgified version of the OG jumpoffs in Queens, but the taste is still the same. The spot has some interesting concoctions like the Polish which has Polish Sausage and Sauerkraut. I ordered the Beef, Cuban (Ham, Pork, and Cheese) and a Pepperoni Pizza (don't laugh). Needless to say they were awesome! They come with pretty hot red and green salsa for your dipping pleasure. And the Sangria was huge, we would have died if we ordred the fish bowl.

Here is a link to a blog on livejournal about taking bento boxes to work - with pics and recipes.

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kim said...

so i haven't read your food blog in a bit... and came upon your empanada post....

i just tried Ruben's empanadas for the first time - i prefer them to mama's actually. there's a few locations around the city - the one i went to is on spring street... and west broadway. the shrimp empanada is quite good... but they are pricey for what they are.

another place i came to favor when i lived in the UES was a spot called Gauchas - on 1st ave between 90th & 91st... here's my chowhound link: