Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Rare Essence, I Found that Essence Rare, etc. etc.

Rare Bar & Grill
Lexington between 37th and 38th (Murray Hill-ish)

I'll stop with the music references.
To welcome a new team member, we had lunch at Rare Bar & Grill yesterday, home of the T-Bone burger. And Kobe Wellington Burger. In other words, known for burgers.
To start we had a sampler basket of fries - regular, sweet potato and cottage. They came with dipping sauces, of which honey maple was my least favorite. The chipotle aioli (aka MAYONNAISE) and Mexican chili ketchup were good. I ordered the Rare classic burger, an 8 oz. patty that came with lettuce, tomato, sweet onion and a pickle from Gus's in the Lower East Side. Topped it off with some good, sharp blue cheese that was half melty-half solid.
I ordered it medium rare but it came more medium. I wanted the bloody juices running down my face but all I got was a soggy bottom bun and the burger was a bit dry. For a restaurant whose name implies bloody red meat, I was a bit disappointed. Overall it was a decent burger but the hype - I don't think it lives up. Shake Shack and Dumont all the way. Tho I hear Carne is a new contender.

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Andrew said...

Oh man, that looks delicious. I wish they had smell-o-vision so I could smell it too. Take care!