Wednesday, May 16, 2007


Bedford Ave between N. 6 and N. 7 (Williamsburg)

Top to bottom: Cecina (salted beef) & chicken tacos; steak burrito w/ salsa verde; inside the steak burrito.
The verdict: AWESOME. I might brave this shitstorm for some tacos on the way home.
And since I've been doing all the writing, I'm going to let Alex do this one since he's from EPT and everything. That's El Paso, TX to all you Yanks.

Alex: This grimey little spot is in the back of a Mexican convenience store. Two things let me know it was going to be good.. 1) the place looked like shit, and 2) the cook was a real deal Mexican. I had the big ass Burrito with Steak, Rice, Cheese, Beans, and the Green Verga Sauce. What can I say but it was a damn good Burrito. The meat was tender, tasty, and had the right amount of fat. My only complaint is that there wasn't enough Verde sauce. Yes we have Guacamole, O.K. I'm starting to realize that to get good Mexican food in this city you have to go to a hole in the wall or a taco truck. Am I right? If not, please prove me wrong.

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