Friday, May 25, 2007

Burger time

Alexis: I did a burger test run for our camping trip this weekend. I might leave the stilton at home - it might not travel well. Plus I'd have to buy a lot more to accomodate 9 people.

Burger - Worcestershire sauce, sauteed minced onion, Italian herbs and rosemary. Topped with English stilton, served w/ cornichons and baked chips (made by Alex).

The wine - a cheap merlot from Trader Joe's - set it off just right.

Alex: The Burger was awesome... thick, juicy and set off nicely by the Stilton. Shake Shack ain't got nothing on this bad boy. The Potatoes were a bit of an experiment. Ok, I admit I had no clue what I was doing. I just thought I'd slice some taters, sprinkle them with seasonings, and throw them in the oven. I didn't know what to expect, but they came out aight. It was funny how they puffed up and sort of popped when bit into. They were definitely much better straight out of the oven than when they got a little cold.

Alexis: We also tried St. Germain yesterday - it's an elderflower liqueur from France and it tastes mildly fruity (peach? lychee?). Walking past a liquor store, we saw they were having a free tasting. They made us a St. Germain cocktail, using the liqueur and some sparkling wine and a lemon slice - very refreshing and perfect for spring/summer. Then we tried a green tea lemonade made with green tea vodka - not too tasty but I wouldn't mind trying it by itself.

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