Friday, May 25, 2007

Aye aye aye!

Bon Chon
5th Ave bet. 31-32 Sts, 2nd Floor

I liked it, Alex didn't.

Discuss amongst yourselves.

Alex: You know how im a big fan of atmosphere when I'm eating... well this place sure had atmosphere, if you like raves. Besides the Chicken being bland and borderline dry, the service was horrible! We waited almost an hour for chicken!?!?! At least the Fries were alright. I would recommend this place if you enjoy crappy chicken and like odd seating arrangements while screaming over technoriffic bullshit.

Alexis: Atmosphere doesn't make the food taste better.

The chicken had this weird enclosure - super crispy and good. We got ours with the soy garlic sauce/glaze and it didn't overpower the chicken. I think they make the chicken to order, which is why it took so long. Service, meh. I hate to say it but I don't expect stellar service anywhere anymore unless you're paying upwards of $30/person. Oh also - the smaller drumsticks/wings were better - skip the big drumsticks.

Something I read online after doing a little research:
Along with Bon Chon's flashy little menu card this one too asks that patrons be patient for their chicken as all chicken is:
1. made to order ( not pre-fried)
2. fried in fresh oil every time and
3. the best chicken imaginable! Actually healthy! :)
This was all translated by my ninth graders for me.
Hmm...maybe if we'd been warned it wouldn't have been so bad. Coz we were HONGRY!

Alex: Ok, I will let it slide this time since there was a warning. I guess thats why they try to distract you with the loud music and loungy atmosphere. Also, I never said atmosphere makes the food taste better, I just like to be comfortable when I'm trying to enjoy a meal.

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