Monday, May 07, 2007

Another NY Sunday

Crif Dog
St. Marks bet. 1st and A (East Vllg)

So Alex is back and while we've eaten a lot (Daisy May's, etc.) I've only taken this one photo so far of what we've eaten. I know - slacking. This is a sourcheese dog from Crif Dog - it's just thinly sliced pickles on a hot dog, topped with melted cheese. Alex got the BLT dog, which is a bacon-wrapped hot dog topped with lettuce and tomatoes, as well as a regular dog with relish, ketchup and mustard. And of course we got the tots. We got everything to go and sat in Tompkins Square Park to eat it all.

The first day he got back I made a trip out to Daisy May's for some takeout - the Oklahoma jumbo beef rib, which was gigantic and fatty and super tender. I also got the Kansas City sweet and sticky pork ribs. As far as the sides, I got the creamed corn with Vermont cheddar (just okay - not my favorite), the sweet potatoes (super buttery and sweet), creamed spinach (my favorite, even though it looks like a cow turd) and baked beans with burnt ends (a classic). I think Alex liked it. I also got a giant jar of sweet tea.

Other than that we have been eating homecooked meals. Trader Joe's has some pretty decent chicken/pork liver pate with truffles, as well as a black/green olive tapenade and good sourdough rolls. I was also able to find St. Andre cheese there. We also had some chicken kabobs and wild rice from Whole Foods. Life - it's good.

This is going to be a fun summer. I have some new drink recipes I want to try - a mint julep, bloody mary with jalapeno ice cubes, and bloody martini (made with tomato water).

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