Saturday, May 12, 2007

Alex put together this spread the other night. Clockwise from the bottom: olive tapenade w/ feta cheese, genoa salami, gouda cheese, soppresatta, pate w/ truffles, St. Andre cheese. Ate it with some toasted rosemary foccacia. I could eat like this every day but I think he's getting sick of it.

Washed it all down with some wine - a Panilonco Carmenere from Chile and Beneventano Aglianico from Italy. The Carmenere was lighter and a little fruitier/jammier. The Aglianico was heavier and dry. I dug them both but I think I liked the Chilean wine better. Both from Trader Joe's for under $5.

Last night we tried to hit up a free BBQ party but when we saw the untoasted buns and skinny hamburger patties (not to mention the line out the door) we decided to go. Headed to Dumont where we started with grilled scallops with a salad of tangerines, blood oranges, arugula and frisee. For our main we had the Dumac & Cheese - super creamy with bacon. The top was crispy but not burnt. I've long given up trying to take pictures of food in there since it's always so dark but you best believe it was good. Creme brulee next time.

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