Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Oh no

LES Kimchi Cart needs manpower

Kalbi Roll $5.50 (with a free drink)
Steak Sandwich $4
Korean-style Beef BBQ Roll $4.50
Grilled Portabello Roll $4
Chicken BBQ sandwich $3.50
Carolina Style BBQ Chicken Wings (5) for $3
Grilled Hot Dog $1.50
Grilled Veggie Dog $2
Kimchi Dog $2
Veggie Kimchi Dog $2.50
Chili Dog $2
Kimchi Chili Dog $2.50
Grilled Beef Sausage $2.50
Kimchi Sausage $3
Burger/Cheeseburger $2.50
Burger/Cheeseburger w/Lettuce & Tomato $2.75
Kimchi Burger $3

S'mores $1.75

Drinks $1

There's nothing better than greasy, spicy food when you're drunk. I haven't been to the LES in forever but if he finds someone to help him out I might, just for a kimchi dog.

Other good & cheap drunken dining: Mamoun's Falafel.

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