Saturday, April 28, 2007

Dump sum!

Jing Fong
Elizabeth St, below Canal (Chinatown, natch!)

It's been about a year and a half since I've been to Jing Fong. And to me, that's horrible. I love this place. Ryan and I made it out here at 10:30am, earliest dim sum adventure ever. Jing Fong is awesome - it's tackily decorated in gold, red and bright pink, with giant chandeliers. It's a huge banquet hall that seats about 900. It's our go-to spot for dim sum and half the fun is chasing the carts down looking for the dishes we want.

We had the standard chicken feet to start (called Adidas by Filipinos because the three toes resemble the Adidas logo), taro cakes, flat noodles rolled w/ scallions then pan-fried, and then we hit a lull where we couldn't find what we wanted. We had to get someone to hunt down the pork spare ribs for us, and then flagged down a cart laden with sweets to find the pastries stuffed with roast pork - one of my favorite dim sum dishes.

Dim sum for two is a difficult meal - there's so much to eat and only so much stomach space.

Afterwards I trekked up to Queens for a bridal shower where we had homemade everything:
* tea sandwiches (cucumber and watercress)
* scones (blueberry-lemon and orange-cranberry)
* carrot cake with cream cheese icing
* spinach dip
* hummus and fresh veggies

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