Thursday, April 19, 2007

Oh Boi...

Boi To Go
800 2nd Ave (Turtle Bay)

While waiting uselessly at the Social Security office I read about this place in New York mag and decided to check it out. I was excited for Vietnamese food near the office. I decided to overlook the $7.50 price tag on this sandwich (sacre bleu!) because the way they described it, it was gonna be some bourgie ass magical sandwich.

Chris tried calling and the guy hung up on him a bunch of times and kept telling him to call later. So I decided to hoof it and see for myself. It's basically set up like Chipotle, where you can choose a rice bowl, a wrap, a traditional banh mi or salad. You get to choose your meat and condiments.

I got the banh mi. They loaded it with Vietnamese ham, barely laid on the pate and then stuffed it full of carrots and daikon. Don't get me wrong - the ingredients were fresh and it was decent but definitely not worth the inflated price tag. I'll take the MottxBroome spot any day. With Chinese sausage and other mystery meats even. And they didn't even have Vietnamese coffee!!!

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