Sunday, March 11, 2007

Yo quiero chorizo

Bedford Ave. between N. 6th and N. 7th

Pork tamale w/ mole

Angel's steak burrito w/ red and green salsas

Chorizo taco w/ salsa verde, lime, radish, cilantro, onions

Angel and I took a break from shopping yesterday and went to this little Mexican bodega on Bedford Ave. I ordered a tamale and a taco, she had a giant burrito. The tamale was good - very moist, and the mole was not too strong. I've never had it before and you could taste just the slightest hint of cocoa.

The taco was awesome. It was way better than Antojitos Mexicanos on Graham. Although, we've only ever gotten take out from there so I am curious to see how the dine-in experience is. The radish on the side was interesting, I've never eaten tacos like that before. I can predict that I'll be stopping off here on the way home pretty often.

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