Sunday, March 25, 2007

Raw dog

That's right - my steak tartare my favorite. We found this spot our first day in Paris right by the train station. I ordered for the both of us and I should've realized that "steak hache" meant raw hacked up steak singed on the outside. Sorry Alex! I ordered steak tartare - the waiter was like "Steak no cook, yes?" Yes!

The portion that came out was huge - that pile of meat was about 5 inches in diameter. That's about 13cm for you metrics out there. Capers, onions, the works. It was so good but for the first meal of the day, a bit much. I only managed to get down half.

The neighborhood Many and Chris live in (is it the 18e arrondissement?) is fairly diverse, with a lot of asian (chinese, pho shops) and african spots. Bakeries everywhere. I could've stayed longer, definitely.

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