Thursday, March 01, 2007

NYC diners

From NY Mag:

• Text-message the name of a bar or restaurant to GONYC (46692) and get the address, phone number, and a note as to whether it’s a critic’s pick.
• Text a type of food and neighborhood (i.e., “pizza astoria”) and get up to twelve choices from which to pick.

The problem of where to eat or what's in the neighborhood usually comes up. This is a (FREE!) useful feature from New York Mag. I love them more and more every day.

Last night, another dinner at Dumont (sorry, no pics). I went with Doug, who is new to the neighborhood. He ordered braised short ribs with a parsnip/potato puree. The ribs were soft and fatty - I could've eaten my own portion I think.

For my entree I had the risotto special - duck confit, savoy cabbage, pecorino cheese and truffle oil. It was reeking of Italian parsley - you could barely taste the duck. Still, it was good. The risotto was not as thick and creamy as I would've liked. What stole the show though was the creme brulee - not too heavy, but still full of creamy, custard goodness. And the sugar on top was cooked perfectly.

You know what's good with creme brulee? Scotch. Or whiskey. Try it, you'll like it.


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