Friday, March 09, 2007

Dine & Dash

Grand Central Oyster Bar

Blue Point and Nootka oysters

Fried Fish Sandwich

Angel and I almost did a dine & dash this afternoon at work. First we tried to go to Chikubu for ramen but we were slammed with work and weren't going to make it before they shut down at 2pm. I was all set for soup and salad but Angel wanted something delicious. So we went to the Oyster Bar at Grand Central.

We sat ourselves at one of the U-shaped stations and encountered the worst service ever. 2 seconds after getting the menus, she was up our asses for our orders. I asked for a glass of chardonnay. We ordered 1 clam chowder, 3 blue points, 1 nootka and a fried fish sandwich. We got 2 clam chowders, 4 blue points, 2 nootkas, a fried fish sandwich and a po' boy sandwich. She repeated the orders back to us numerous times but a) her english was horrible and b) she was basically mumbling to her boobs. She came back and told us our 4 blue points and 2 nootkas were coming and we tried to tell her we only ordered 6 oysters but she argued with us, saying they had been opened already. Then brought the sandwiches out and acted distraught when we told her we never ordered the po' boy. Then didn't come back to us until we asked for the check, which is when she decided to refill our waters and ask how the wine was. Then tried to say she was sick and that's why she didn't get our orders right, because she was having trouble hearing. I've never left a 0.00 tip but it was pretty justified. The food was great, service was abhorrent.

That said, oysters were good and fresh. Meaty and briny, needing only lemon and just the tiniest bit of mignonette. I could've slurped down 20 more if I rolled like that. The fried fish sandwich was served on a brioche-looking bread, soft and slightly sweet. With shredded lettuce and tartar sauce - pretty basic but tasted fresh and good.

Not sure how soon I'll be back...I guess we'll see how my oyster cravings go. Today barely sated them.

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