Saturday, March 03, 2007

Meals with the new family

I guess I lucked out. The family I moved in with here in Germany has turned out to be really cool. After complaining about how broke and hungry I am out here, they told me I could eat dinner with them whenever I want. The first meal I ate with them was some Weiners, some sort of Lentil dish, and a Germany specialty called Spaetzle which are home made noodles. It was all very good (especially when you're hungry like a hostage). The Weiners were typical, the Lentil dish was a bit salty and the Lentils were still a bit hard, but it wasn't like eating rocks, and the Spaetzle were very good also, i think they are just eggs, flour, and water. Yay, I get to eat while I'm here. Since this meal they've made me Shnitzel, Hamburgers, Soup, and Pasta with Shrimp. I am so lucky in more ways than you can imagine. Holla.

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lazysundae said...

that spaetzle looks ginormous.