Wednesday, March 07, 2007

BBQ in the NYC

From the NY Times:

NY ’Cue
Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Call New York’s Bravest because the city’s barbecue is smokin’, says Peter Meehan: “Restaurants that hobbled out of the gate have hit their strides. The best pits in and around the city have gotten better.” Head to Pies ’n’ Thighs, “a scuzzy closet of a kitchen in the back of an even scuzzier bar in the shadow of the Williamsburg Bridge,” where you’ll find “the best pulled-pork sandwich in the city” and an equally good side of greens amid the broken beer bottles and cigarette butts. For super-smoky brisket, try Righteous Urban Barbecue, which also offers barbecued beans with “an uppercut of deep, soulful smokiness.” And Mr. Meehan’s verbal blue ribbon goes to the “improbably amazing whole rack of lamb” at Daisy May’s, which “sits atop a heap of great ’cue the likes of which New York has never known before.”

Well you've already heard all about Daisy May's (my bday) and R.U.B. (NYC meat bonanza). Pies n Thighs is amazing as well, but not so much for the pork. I love the fried catfish. Lightly dusted with cornmeal and perfectly fried - they are not greasy, they don't fall apart, the batter isn't 3 inches thick. And the sides? They come in giant java mugs. Pies are huge and fresh and come with fresh whipped cream. Brunch is also good, with the short stack of fruit-filled pancakes and buttered maple syrup, as well as biscuits and gravy my cross-country roadtrip staple. The only downside - it closes pretty early and it's pretty desolate out there. Our first time there, Ryan and I got takeout and ate it on the sidewalk. I haven't been there all winter but you best believe I'm first in line when the weather gets better.


Anonymous said...

Does anyone even read our blog anymore? :(

Chris said...

i do :)

erin said...

i do!

enfoe said...

woooooo whats all this food a see? yummy