Thursday, February 01, 2007

We roll thick

Daisy May's BBQ
11th Ave at 46th St

My bday dinner at Daisy May's consisted of a whole roasted pork butt, Kansas City sweet and sticky ribs, Tennessee whiskey beer can style chicken, Texas toast, creamed spinach, baked beans with burnt ends, Cajun dirty rice, sweet potatoes, cornbread and sweet tea with mint in gigantic mason jars.

The front of the restaurant is cafeteria style. You can reserve seats with either a whole or half roasted pig, the roasted pork butt or a rack of lamb. Three long picnic tables in the back complete with red and white checkered table cloths, and plastic dishes and forks and knives that at first glance look like real dinnerware. Long plastic aprons are provided to protect your clothes, as are latex gloves for serious rib eaters. Not so good to lick sauce off of though.

First of all the pork was delicious. As you can see, we got a huge platter of it - all juicy and tender. We had a lot leftover - pulled pork sammiches for days! The sweet and sticky ribs were pretty damn good also - meat was soft and the sauce was not too sweet. Didn't get around to trying the chicken. The creamed spinach looked like a giant cow doodie but tasted really good - lots of butter. Sweet potatoes tasted faintly of citrus and were loaded with butter and sugar. The best thing was the sweet tea - it took two people to finish it. Haven't had better anywhere else. I'd definitely head back there - there's lots more to eat.

The only downer was having to pay for extra seats (understandable, but unreasonable to have to pay for extra food). We got hooked up though, the ribs, chicken, rice, spinach and corn bread were all free.

Tomorrow, the festivities continue at DB Bistro Moderne for a restaurant week lunch and dinner at Dumont. Stay tuned!


Anonymous said...

Daaaaaam that looks good, I wish I was there to celebrate with you.

jonathan said...

i know why they call it pork butt now...b/c a baby pig came out my asshole earlier today. yuck.

cosign on the tea. amazing.