Sunday, February 04, 2007

Sunday in photos

Fuck the Superbowl! I already saw the Kevin Federline ad online. The only other thing was the dude who proposed to his gf during halftime. Big whoop, I ate through the entire day - I WIN!

This is poached scrambled eggs. Basically, it's a way to cook eggs w/o any oil or butter. And they come out light and fluffy.

Topped the eggs w/ truffle oil, sea salt and pepper. Some chevril and parsley on the side. And toast with butter and grapefruit marmalade. For lunch, leftover pulled pork from bday dinner. Vegged out w/ Chris and watched Friday Night Lights for probably the 20th time at least. Then met Brent and Doug at Union Square before heading into Midwood to Difara's for the best pizza in the universe. We went to Whole Foods to use the bathroom and I used the opportunity to score some gelato from Il Laboratorio - taragon with pink peppercorn (good) and black sesame (best). Headed back into Brooklyn. It wasn't so crowded at Difara's this time. We saw that a table had brought their own bottle of wine so we headed a couple of doors down to the liquor store and bought a Sangiovese. Dude behind the counter was rockin his yarmulka all swervy and told us he'd sell us weed for Superbowl Sunday. We had him cork the bottle for us and then bought plastic cups at the dollar store.

The famous Sicilian pizza. There is nothing better - don't even bother with anything else or trying to put toppings. Maybe some red chilis in oil and/or handcranked parmigiano reggiano but THAT'S IT. Wine was blah. Upon closer inspection it turned out to be kosher wine from Israel.

This is me digging in and Brent thinking, "Damn, Porky!" Shamefully, I was only able to eat 1 1/2 slices. Big daddy dogg polished off 2 regular pie slices and 2 1/2 Sicilian slices. What a champ!

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