Thursday, February 08, 2007

Random German snacks

This Spaghetti with Bologanese was interesting to say the least. Instant, just add water. In five minutes I was grubbin. The pasta and sauce were fine but the meat was weird though. It was like little freeze dried meat pellets, kinda crunchy and very salty. Next.
These little Pizzas aren't that good, but super cheap. This one had pepperoni (which they call salami), broccoli, and yellow and green peppers. For all you low budget fans.
This Lasagna was a suprise, it was actually pretty good. I over cooked it a bit and the cheese on top got burnt, but the meat sauce, pasta, and the creamy cheese inside were scrumptious. Good bet if you're hungry and poor like me.
I like these Chips. They are actually pretty spicy with a slight sweetness and lots of crunch to them. I Thai too!

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