Friday, February 09, 2007

on a shoestring

Let it be known that Whole Foods brand canned soup is BLAAAAAAAHHH. Blah like tasteless and bland and unchunky and they used water for broth. Ugh. I'll take Progresso any day.

Garlic bread - lightly toast some bread. Rub raw garlic on bread, then drizzle w/ olive and truffle oils, then season w/ salt and pepper and some Italian herbs. Stick it back into the oven (we do not have a toaster) for another minute or so. Made the soup bearable.

And the wine - a Garnacha I picked up on Bedford Ave. It's not bad - needs to breathe for a long time before drinking tho.

Other things I've been eating while trying not to break the bank:
Sandwiches from home - cucumbers, roasted turkey, prosciutto
Salad - baby spinach, feta cheese, green peas, red onions, lemon herb dressing
Lentil soup + bagel chips

I splurged tonight and bought some watermelon, which I ate with prosciutto and leftover strained Greek yogurt (I was out of goat cheese).

Tomorrow meeting Chris for the Friday ramen special. It's perfect weather for it.

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