Friday, February 16, 2007

Oink oink baby!

Zum Grauen Bock
Große Rittergasse 30
Frankfurt am Main
Yesssss! Last night the company took us all out for dinner at a very old school traditional German joint. We had a whole Pig for cryin’ out loud. Vegetarians and animal rights activists need not read any more. Take your little sissy ass to () It was awesome, they brought the damn thing out with a sparkler stuck in its head! Sparks were flying everywhere. I think I heard a faint little squeal coming from the poor sucker.
Off with your head!
The food was pretty good. Besides the Pig, we had Salad, Potato Dumplings, and Red Cabbage (yes more red cabbage). The Pig was nice and tender, pretty typical pork meat. The weirdness of the meal was what I’m guessing was the liver/lips/assholes concoction. I was a little shook to try it, but when in Rome... It wasn't so bad, with enough gravy I can eat pretty much anything. The Potato Dumpling was good too. They are a little sticky and don’t taste very potato-y. The Red Cabbage wasn't as sweet as the last batch I had. The Salad was a typical salad with a vinaigrette type dressing.

Overall it was a good time. To wash it all down we shared about 5 pitchers of Apfelwine. Then the rounds of Shnapps started flowing. I think I had about 3, but things started to get a little hazy at this point. Drunk in front of the co-workers, I hope I didn't start talking crazy shit. Haha.. oh yeah I also bummed a lil cigar off my boss! I'm so fired.

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