Thursday, February 22, 2007

In the navy

Kam Cheuh
40 Bowery (Chinatown)

I'm starting this off with this huge pile of shrimp shells. You walk into the restaurant and the first thing you see are all the aquariums - Alaskan king crabs, different kinds of fish, lobsters upon lobsters upon lobsters. Our first course was a huge pile of steamed shrimp. You rip the heads off, suck out the brains and peel the shells off the flesh.

Marinate in soy-ginger-scallion sauce with hot chili oil. Narf like crazy. I've never tasted fresher shrimp, not even in the Philippines where our housekeeper would walk to and from the wet market for fresh seafood. Just moments before they appeared on our table, these puppies were swimming in the tank.

This is a 7.75lb Alaskan King Crab. That's more than I weighed at birth! Split onto two plates, steamed with lots of ginger and served in its broth over flat chow fun noodles. Quite possibly my favorite part of the meal.

This is the inside of the crab shell. It's not exactly the crab fat, which I would've also been happy with. A little like dried shellfish that you find at Aji Ichiban. Not bad, not my favorite.

In the background, baby bok choy with garlic. In front, chicken lo mein. I usually never eat it but it was the right amount of slightly chewy noodle and grease. Not your normal lo mein from Good Friends Chinese Restaurant.

Mammoth egg rolls. I'm probably going to pinch a couple of these out tomorrow. OH. But you knew that part was coming.

Last course - the lobster. Served with tons of scallion in a brown sauce. I missed taking photos of the salt and pepper squid, which on its own would've made for excellent beer munchies. It's been a very long time since I've had seafood this fresh. I can always trust my boss to take us somewhere good that we've never been to. I think Captain Canada would approve. Say it, sister.


little homie said...

housekeeper? You mean your SLAVE!!! hahaha, damn are you guys mad rich in the Phillipines or does everyone have a driver and slave? And what kind of asian orders eggrolls and lo mein in a chinese restaurant Ying wants to know? HAHA

lazysundae said...

a) slave would imply that we didn't pay her, which we did so....she was not a slave. a maid maybe, but not a slave. and since the labor is so cheap in the philippines and maids/drivers live in your house they are very cheap. even middle class families had them. more than one. try it, you'll like it.

b) it was a work dinner so matt did all the ordering and he is of caucasian descent, not asian. so tell ying.

and c) the lo mein was pretty damn good. i didn't try the egg rolls. since i am asian and all.