Saturday, February 17, 2007

i eat again

After about a week of being sick I finally return to work to find these Valentine chocolates on my desk from one of our recruiters. They're from Anna Shea (upstate NY) and they are DELICIOUS. And I HATE chocolate! There's one that was dark chocolate outside with creamy toffee inside. They look almost too pretty to eat.

This is mabo ramen from Sapporo on 49th St and 7th Ave. My boss and I had lunch w/ his assistant there yesterday. My first whole meal after being sick. I haven't been eating - I've lost about 5lbs this week and still don't have much of an appetite. Sapporo is good for a quick meal. The ramen was lackluster and the noodles seemed of the package variety. Not the fresh chewiness of Chikubu but then again, who can complain about hot ramen on a cold day? It hit the spot and so did the sake.

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