Saturday, February 10, 2007

glorious food

This is the ramen special at Chikubu. Best ramen I've had, hands down. It comes on a tray with peppered bean sprouts, a bowl of rice and a bowl of pickled cabbage and takuan. The broth is substantial and not so heavy and the pork. My god the pork. It's like butter.

This is Chris about to destroy his cemitas. There's a Mexican spot near the apt on Graham Ave called Antojitos Mexicanos. Good shit - and good prices too. A cemitas is like a torta, just different bread. That's bisteka in there and that awesome white Mexican cheese.

I got a burrito w/ spicy pork. "Everything" includes rice and beans as well. The two containers are salad dressing (Italian I think - fresh and garlicky) and sour cream. The tortilla was chewy and fresh and the burrito was really good - and huge! At $4.50 it was a steal, especially since it was good for both lunch and dinner. And they deliver.

We win.

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