Monday, February 26, 2007

First cooking experience

I was all geeked to finally get a chance to make some food at home. Usually the kitchen is occupied by the time I get there, but on this evening it was free! I had to make my move quickly. I rounded up all of the ingredients and dashed into the kitchen to begin making my meal. On the meun: Spinach Ricotta Tortellinin and Marinara Sauce. Ok, so I'm cheating a bit. The pasta was pre made, all I had to do was throw it in a pot of boiling water for a few minutes. The sauce was just as easy, I just dumped the mix in some boiling water and viola!
Just to give you a taste of what I'm working with. The kitchen is pretty gross. They always leave the dirty pots and pans on the stove, dishes everywhere, its disgusting! This is a shot of the kitchen before I started cooking.
Ahh... the finished product. I was hyped to find some Parmesian cheese in their fridge, so I jacked some... bonus! And of course I had to wash it down with a brewski. A bottle of beer is only 59 cents, sodas are like 1.50! For a meal that only took 5 minutes to make (not including the time to boil the water) it came out pretty damn good. I'm definitely gonna have to do this one again.

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