Friday, February 02, 2007

Döner not Doner bitch

So I was wandering around town, super bummed that I wasn't back in New York with my love to celebrate her birthday. My first stop was at the train station drank sto, where I picked up a small bottle of vodka. I decided to just pick a direction and start walking. About halfway through the bottle I was starting to get buzzed and I needed something to eat bad when I happend upon a little Döner spot. I ordered at the window and took it to go. The dude had this cool ass electric shaver thing that he used to cut the meat off of the rotating whatever it is (I dunno if this is industy standard, I've never had a Döner before). I couldn't tell if I was just drunk and hungry or what, but the shit was good! From what I gather it had lamb, tomato, cabbage, lettuce, and some sort of special sauce that the guy put on it with his back turned to me. The bread was pretty damn awesome too.
As I was still pretty bummed, for dessert I had a bottle of wine (1.39€, booze is the only thing that is cheap in this damn country) and a fuckload of cigarettes. Ugh, I hate cigarettes, why did I do that. The night only got more strange when the old dude that I'm renting my room from took me to some spot where they were showing SouthPark on a big projector, but this is a food blog so I'll save that stoy for another time.

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