Friday, February 02, 2007

Blob continues to eat through Manhattan...

DB Bistro Moderne
W. 44th St btw 5th and 6th Aves (Theater District)

Salmon tartare w/ pesto oil and bruschetta

Chicken pate en croute w/ mache leaves

Pouring the consomme over the pot au feu

Pot au feu

Grilled spearfish with chickpeas and tzatziki

Cherry cheesecake with cherry sorbet

Chocolate hazelnut mousse cake

Angel and I had reservations at DB Bistro Moderne today. It was a good space - very full and busy. After waiting a bit to be seated we scored a nice corner table with booth seating. Ordered some sauvignon blanc (not bad, not great) and started in on the chewy bread that came in a silver cup.

Angel ordered the salmon tartare to start and I ordered what tasted like chicken pate but chunkier, with a pastry shell. Both were good - the salmon fairly simple. It was good to eat after the saltiness of the chicken. For our entrees, pot au feu with tender, falling apart beef and tasty broth. My mom makes beef bulalo which is comforting to say the least but sorry Ma, this was so good - still a little pink in the middle, with baby carrots and fingerling potatoes. I ordered the grilled spearfish, cooked a little rare in the middle and seasoned with Indian spices. Served over chickpeas and chickpea puree, it was tasty and juicy. Dessert was the biggest disappointment - the cherry cheesecake had more crust than cheesecake and didn't taste so fresh. The moussecake was much better but I stopped myself and let Angel finish it all.

We saw someone order the famed DB Bistro Burger (with the foie gras and braised ribs and homemade asiago bun). I'll have to come back for that one. Overall a good experience, minus the uppity rich people. Service was good - you could tell they used position numbers because they didn't come to the table and ask us "Okay who got the salmon?" and when replacing silverware, they knew exactly who got the spoon and who got the knife. And we never once had to take our plates from their hands or hand them over when we were done. Six years in the restaurant industry has trained me to pay attention to these things. UGH.

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