Monday, February 26, 2007

Around the world

2nd Ave between 54th & 55th

Hit up a Turkish spoton 2nd Ave on Saturday with Les and Chris. We'd just come from the Met so we stopped in for a snack. Started with some tea.

I had a plate of marinated artichoke hearts and fava beans. Chris and Les got soup - lentil puree and yayla, which was sort of creamy with a bit of mint and rice. Tasted a little like cacik, which is that yogurt appetizer that's good with curries and meat.

With the bill came a small plate of sweets covered in powdered sugar. Tasted a bit like honey, with nuts in it.
San Loco
N. 4th and Bedford (Williamsburg)

Later that night I ended up at San Loco in Williamsburg after some gallery hopping. The decor was kind of kitschy, with lucha libre paintings on the wall. I ordered a catfish taco - I'm not a huge fan of cheese and fish in the same dish but it was not bad. Actually I don't remember too well because I was a little drunk.

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