Friday, February 02, 2007

...and Brooklyn

432 Union Ave (Wmsburg)

This is a favorite restaurant of Ryan and I - the menu is short and simple and they have really awesome specials. The Dumac & cheese is creamy inside, cheesy crust outside w/ bacon. And not the skimpy breakfast kind either - the hand cut real pork kind. Tonight we had two special appetizers - a smoked trout salad w/ frisee, green apples, fingerling potatoes and bacon. And veal ragout w/ pasta, lima beans and some sort of mild creamy cheese on top.

For the mains, we each got a Dumont burger, medium rare. Ryan got American cheese on his and I got bleu and gruyere. The burger doesn't fuck around - I could barely finish it and I didn't eat any of my fries. Served with generous helpings of pickles, tomato, lettuce and pickled red onions. The fries are fried to the point of almost overdone-ness - crispy outside; hot, mealy inside.

It's nice in the spring/summer because there's a garden area out back. Otherwise, the small dining area is nice w/ low light and cozy booth seats.

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