Friday, January 19, 2007

Wut it dew... filet part deux

Alex: Last night Alexis prepared the last two Filet Mignons, spinach, and a Spanish Salad with oranges, prosciutto, almonds and olives. To me the filets weren’t as good as last time. This might be due to the fact that they were in the freezer for a couple of weeks. Don’t get me wrong, the meat was still tender and tasty, just not as fresh. The Berniase sauce was quite interesting. I freaked out at the amount of butter that was required to prepare it, I’m trying to keep the pipes sort of clean. It was a little sour due to the lemon. I would have to say it was about on par with the Bleu Cheese sauce I prepared last time. I’m starting to think I like my meat (beef) straight. The spinach was spinach, but had a bit too much garlic. I mistook the garlic for the almonds that were on the salad and ate a whole mouthful. I don’t think I’ll be attacked by vampires any time soon. The highlight of the meal for me was the Spanish Salad. I love how Alexis always comes up with these crazy concoctions of things I would never think of eating together. The citrus along with the saltiness of the prosciutto worked very well together and was a perfect compliment to the meat.

Alexis: The salad was by far the best part of the meal. Navel oranges de-skinned and de-pithed, sliced. Top with sea salt and fresh pepper. The recipe called for fresh mint but being wintertime, it has been hard to find. So instead I used some dried Italian herbs. Top with toasted sliced almonds and slivered jamon serrano (i used prosciutto), some olives, and some olive oil.
The Bernaise sauce was a bit scary - I've never made it before so I was scared I was going to cook the eggs too fast. But it turned out pretty good. I too was put off at how much butter had to go in it (1/2 a stick!!). As for the spinach, I am a garlic fiend. I love it! Things would taste really bland and boring and unexciting without it.
Next time, I'm just going to do my usual marinade for the steak and maybe top it with a bit of truffle oil as it's cooking. It doesn't need anything else.
Alex leaves for Germany on Tuesday so stay tuned for farewell dinners and transcontinental food posts. Exciting ne!


Audrey said...

let's dinner at smith street soon. pork out at porchetta, pourquois pas, and smack those crackin chicharita drinks.

pork and beer night

lazysundae said...

I AM SO DOWN. let's do this next month.