Friday, January 26, 2007

Plane jane

I made it to Frankfurt safely, but my gut cant say the same. I think the airplane food plugged me up a bit.. doh! Actually airplane food has gotten much better over the years. For dinner we had a choice between ravioli and a chicken dish. I went for the Chicken. Its awesome how everything is served in these modular little containers with a cellophane cover. The Chicken consisted of little chunks in a Mushroom Gravy (at least I hope those were mushrooms), a side of Rice-a-Roni style Rice, and what I believe to have been some sort of Greens (not sure if they were collard or mustard, prolly collard). The roll was a little moist and the salad a little wilted, but not too bad. The best part was the Brownie. It was very sweet and probably loaded with preservatives.

For breakfast, as you can see, we were served a Croissant, Granola Bar, Bannana, and a shot of O.J. SImple, no frills, can't mess it up breakfast. I just started working for an airline consulting firm here in Frankfurt. I hope I will be able to jack a crap load of airline meals. Bonus!

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