Monday, January 29, 2007

Mickey D's is lame everywhere

I know what you're thinking... what the hell was I thinking!?!?! I was hungry and thought what the hell, I'll see what McDonalds is like in Germany. I ordered the Royal with mufuggin cheese! I seriously haven't eaten McDonalds in about 45 years so I can't make a completly accurate comparison, but this wasn't half bad (it wasn't half good either). My main complaint is that the damn burger was loaded with mayo. The actual meat wasn't too bad, at least it tasted like meat. The fries seemed like they were cooked in a slightly different oil but were still greasy. They asked me if I wanted katchup or mayo with my fries (Europeans seem to love their mayo), I went for the ketchup. The packet was cool. Needless to say this was my first and last time eating at McDonalds, of course, until I'm in another foregin country. Oh yeah, I have to mention the decor. This place looked crazy... on some modern, angular, Ronald barfed red and yellow all over the place steez. Neato!

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