Tuesday, January 02, 2007


RUB – Righteous Urban BBQ
208 West 23rd Street
New York, NY 10011

Alex: BBQ is my shit. I’m from Texas where beef is king and I’ve eaten the finest BBQ Texas has to offer from Dallas to Houston. I was a little skeptical about eating BBQ in NYC but I really needed some meat in my life (no homo).

Where should I begin? As you can see we ordered a bunch of food (4 meats and 3 sides). For the meats we had Pork ribs, Pulled Pork, Beef Brisket, and Hotlinks. For sides we ordered vinegar based Coleslaw, BBQ Baked Beans, and mustard based Potato Salad. And to drink we had sweet tea. Besides Big Red or beer is there any other drink to go with BBQ? I think not!

I decided to try all the meats without BBQ sauce first to get the purist BBQ experience. My favorite by far was the pulled pork… like butta! It was very tender and flavorful with just the right fat to meat ratio. The ribs were equally as tasty with a nice seasoning/rub crust on the outside. I was a little disappointed in the brisket. Although it was still good, it was a bit on the dry side with little to no crispy crust. Maybe after having Rudy’s extra moist brisket, nothing can ever compare. The most disappointing were the hot links. I have never been a big sausage guy (literally and figuratively), and this sausage didn’t change that. It wasn’t very spicy for a hot link and I just don’t like the texture of BBQ sausage. The casing was too thick and the meat was too, how shall I describe it, mushy? Kinda like a chunky banana.

The sides were typical BBQ fare. The beans were slightly sweet with chunks of meat, the potato salad was very typical (nothing to write home about), but the cole slaw was pretty good. I haven’t had much vinegar based slaw and was pleasantly surprised by its sweet but tart flavor.

Oh yeah… the sweet tea really sucked. It tasted like it was made from a powder or tea mix. No biggie since it was only used to wash down the copious amounts of meat I shoved into my pie hole.

For New York City, I give this place high marks. I thought I might never get decent BBQ again, but RUB is a good substitute for the real deal. I don’t know about the gay ass name though! $40 covered the bill, which was enough food for 2 people to eat 2 meals (we had leftovers for dinner the next day). Righteous!

PS... why is writng about meat so homoerotic? Eh.

Alexis: Um, maybe it's because you're FAG LIFE.

Despite the horrible acronym, I enjoyed the bbq at RUB. I am by no means a bbq connoiseur but I am definitely a meat lover and the pulled pork was probably the best meat that we ordered. The sausages left much to be desired - kinda dry and it was like eating chili-flavored meat w/o the spice. Italian might've been better. The bbq sauce was not bad - lots of ginger flavor.

As for the sides, I'm gonna have to say the beans were unexpectedly good. I liked that they were slightly sweet and very sludge-y.

Coming up, I plan to sample every kind of pre-marinated meat and sausage available at the Whole Foods meat counter. We picked up artichoke-olive chicken and blueberry-sage pork sausages yesterday so that's where we'll start.

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