Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Lunch with the bossman

I met my new boss for the first time yesterday. He took me out to a "get to know you" lunch at a cool little spot around the corner from the office. The resturaunt is hidden in a cool old building that used to be a mansion that was then converted into a reading room after the government took it over. Now it is mostly empty with just the resturaunt remaining. So I'm sitting there shooting the shit with my 8 foot tall boss when I ask him if he minds if I take a picture of my food. He must have thought I was a freak or something, but I explianed how me and my girl have this here blog going on. As for the food... it took forever to come out. Maybe they had to kill the cow or some shit, I dunno. I orderd the Frikadellen, which is somwhere between a fat ass hamburger patty and a meatball, I guess kinda like a small round meatloaf. It had some nice seasonings with a bunch of sauteed onions, not bad. On the side I had a creamed Broccoli dish and Mashed Potatoes. Seems like Germans eat a shitload of potatoes FTW! Best part of it all was he picked up the tab (sho besta have sahn).

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