Monday, January 08, 2007

Il est entré dans mon coeur, une parte de bonheur

N. 5th and Bedford
Williamsburg (BK)
(718) 388-9222

Alexis: We had Sunday brunch at Juliette. We'd been here before, on a drunken night fueled by Jameson's which ended at some random bar slinging back pints. It gets fuzzy there. I remember I liked the restaurant - it was dark, there was a live band, but the appetizers we ordered were not so great.

We were a little reluctant to try brunch but since our other option was Relish (which was a few blocks and a 30-min wait away) and I was famished and grumpy, we decided to go for it.

We were seated in the solarium - a little raised platform under a large skylight. The floor was tiled with white and green and there were small patio tables. Everything looked very French bistro - all appliances masked by wooden exteriors. I had the homemade gravelox with honey mustard dill sauce, and Alex had the eggs benedict. The prix fixe, at $13 includes coffee/tea, OJ (which we weren't offered) and entree. We also got some bloody marys, which were mediocre at best. No Worcestershire sauce, no celery, no Tabasco. And tiny.

The food was good. The gravelox was not so slimy and the brioche toast was a nice touch but the sauce that came with it was a little too syrupy/sweet and the homefries were overcooked; it hurt to eat them. All the ingredients were fresh and food presentation was simple and appealing. Bottom line - it's a new restaurant and they still have a few kinks to work out. I hope they do because it's a really nice space.

Alex: I’ve had Eggs Benedict once before at a nice little spot in Savannah, Georgia, and they were way better than this Juliette place. The ham was a little dry and the Hollandaise had a strange taste to it that I can’t quite pin down. It was sour/spoiled tasting maybe? All I do know is that it wasn’t so great and I probably won’t eat there again. As Alexis mentioned, the potatoes were quite hard and there wasn’t a bottle of ketchup to be found anywhere! This was also my first Bloody Mary experience and man was it nasty. I couldn’t even finish the damn thing. So yeah, second time there and the food was just as bad as the first time when I had some weird, slimy appetizer thing. I was pretty throwed at that point so I don’t really recall what I was stuffing in my face but it almost made me puke.

Ok, I’m about to open a can of worms now… but what’s the deal with tipping? Our waiter gave us a funny look when he thought I only gave him a $3 and change tip, when in actuality I left $2 extra dollars on the table, brining the total to $5 and change on a $36 dollar bill. I know tipping is customary, but it ISN’T mandatory. These fools seem to think it’s their right. I was under the impression that the tip was based on service, no? I realize it’s a tough job and their base wage is probably shit, but don’t get all huffy at me if you’re an ass (not saying the guy at Juliette was), and please don’t jump to conclusion before you check to see if I left more money on the table, sucka.

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