Thursday, January 04, 2007

How do you like your steak?

The correct answer is: bloody.

Alex: So I wanted to make dinner for the lil lady. Let me tell ya, it was straight up hell rushing around Queens to get all the ingredients. Why are grocery stores in New York so lame? Maybe it’s just the ones I go to in the area but the selection is ass. Props to the Butcher Block on 41st & Queens Blvd. though, I've gotten some good meats from there.

I finally got all the stuff together. On the menu was Fillet Mignon topped with a Bleu Cheese Sauce, dill seasoned Carrots, and a bottle of wine with a devil head on it. I marinated the fillets in a red wine and teriyaki sauce for approximately 1 hour. Some say its blasphemy to marinate a good cut of meat, but I say screw you meat snobs! The bleu cheese sauce consisted of bleu cheese, sour cream, mayonnaise, and Worcestershire sauce. Yeah I know, mayo... gross! The carrots were pretty basic, just boiled and then mixed with margarine, lemon, and dill.

So what was the verdict you ask? Not too bad. I actually put Alexis in charge of cooking the fillets. I know she likes 'em bloody so I let her handle all that mess. She did a great job. They were cooked on a skillet for maybe 3-4 minutes per side. The result was a delicious, mouth watering, melt in your mouth, tender fillet. The inside was still a little redder than I usually eat steak, but I might have to reconsider. The bleu cheese sauce was okay but it didn't have enough bite. I like my blue cheese to be a little sharper. What can I say about the carrots? They were carrots! I think I put a tad bit too much lemon in them though. All in all, not too bad considering I eyeballed all of the ingredients. I'm a regular Chef Bro-ardee!

Alexis: While Alex was running around about to have an aneurism, I was in Chinatown getting beat up at "The Best Chinese Back Rub and Relaxing Foot Rub and Integrated Body Work." No joke, that's what it's called and that's what it says on the business card. Next day verdict: my shoulders hurt more but at least I'm not walking like I got a super-sized Chipotle burrito up my butt.

I had no idea what he was making since it was supposed to be a surprise.

Long story short: the meat was really good. Very soft, buttery filet mignon. And huge! Probably about 10 oz. each. The red wine+teriyaki sauce marinade was something I've never heard of before but it was good - a little sweetness to balance the sharpness of the blue cheese. As for the carrots, I like tart. So I didn't think there was too much lemon on them.

The good thing about this was that prep/cook time was relatively minimal (minus the going to 5 different groceries part). And clean-up wasn't so bad either. I do believe there are still 2 more filets chillin somewhere so I may have to up my Bernaise sauce skills.

P.S. The wine was a Cab from Concho y Toro (Chile). Not bad for a $6 bottle - good job, Alex.

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