Saturday, December 30, 2006

Floatin' on Blue 9

Blue 9 Burger
92 Thrid Avenue

Yeah, yeah another burger joint. I swear this will probably be the last one in a while. I was wandering around Union Square aimlessly, solo, and hungry (this city just isn't the same without my inomorata). I guess I was walking towards East Villiage and ran across Blue 9 Burger. The dude outside tempted me with a $1 off coupon so umm... hell yeah!

The spot looked like a typical grimey burger joint, which usually means the food is gonna be good. You order at the counter in the back, I got the Number 1 combo.. Double Cheeseburger, Fries, and a Sprite all for $7.64. I like this place already. As you can tell by the picutre, there isnt much difference between Blue 9 and the bougie Brgr (did I mention I'm not a big fan of that place). Same goes for the taste... I mean its a freakin burger, how hard can it be??? The fries were good except I must have gotten the batch from the bottom of the bag becuase they were all small. They have this interesting Mango Chili fry dip. It was ok, and a little spicy, but it definitely wont be replacing ketcup any time soon.

Overall I recommend this joint, its quick, cheap, and tasty. The highlight of the excursion was when some dude spilled ketchup all over some foreginers coats. It was awesome.

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